Shown at left, is a sketch of the round circuit board layout. The outermost ring of LEDs operate independently but share a common ground. The inner rings of LEDs possess 2 separate power inputs to allow for 2 levels of illumination. This board can be used as a completely integrated LED tail light, LED brake light and LED turn signal unit. The inner rings of LEDs can remain on with the tail lights and increase in brightness when the brakes are applied. The outermost ring of LEDs can be connected to the turn signal. All 60 LEDs on the board are domed surface mount components. Additional components included with the unit are surface mount resistors and diodes.


LED size: 1210 SMT package

Overall board diameter: 2.5 inches


Amount of LEDs per board: 60


Mounting: holes around outer edge and in center



Common Applications: automotive, trailer lights, motorcycle led lighting, LED tail lights, LED brakes lights, LED turn signals.




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