Shown at left, a panel of circuit boards with green solder mask, which are broken down into individual LED boards. Product is sold only in single-board form only. As of March 25, 2010, all boards will contain a white solder mask. Green and black are no longer offered. Each individual board measures 21.6 inches long, by 0.5 inch wide, and 0.062" thick. Each board contains three separate power busses sharing a common ground. Up to 72 LEDs (5mm T1 3/4) may be used per board. On each of the three main circuits, LEDs are grouped two per resistor. This board was designed for single color, or RGB use. It may be cut at any of the indicated break-points, to reduce the total length down to as little as 1.8 inches. After cutting, each section will continue to function normally, as a separate board. Note that the picture shows boards with a green solder mask. However, our curret stock boards feature a white solder mask.


LED size: 5mm or 3mm

Component Package Sizes: � Watt SMT Chip Resistors- 1206


LED Board Dimensions: Width- 0.50 inches, Length- 21.6 inches, Thickness- 0.062 inches


PCB Layout (Top View) Shows 1/2 board (10.8 inch section)



PCB Circuit Schematic (1.8 inch section or 1/12 of a 21.6 inch long board)



Common LED Lighting Applications: accent lighting, machine vission, robotics, home interior lighting, automotive lighting, science projects, showcase lighting, special effects, photography, custom electronic projects, sign illumination, LED display boards, LED strip light, LED tube, many more!



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Pack of 100 Boards $2.00 each
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