1. LED Shop On Line - http://www.ledshoponline.com
A wide selection of high quality modern LED products.
2. LED Laboratory - http://linear1.org/ckts/led.php
The easiest way to calculate the proper resistor needed for your circuit. Enter a few values to find the resistor color code and more.
3. How Stuff Works - http://www.howstuffworks.com/led1.htm
Learn exactly how a light emitting diode operates. Detailed color pictures along with descriptions explain how the LED works.
4. LED Market Place - http://ledmarketplace.com
The website dedicated to every other company selling LEDS. Provides LED related news, advertising, directories, and more.
5. Forums - http://www.eio.com/public/led
You will find almost any topic imaginable within this LED Forum.
6. FAQ Page -  http://www.coupeville.net/optoeng/led_faq.html
Find answers to many commonly asked questions here.
7. Another Planet Lighting - http://www.anotherplanetlighting.com
A source for abstract LED lighting fixtures representing various objects such as flowers and vines.
8. Glow Bug - http://www.glow-bug.com
The Glow Bug provides a wide range of LED products such as flashlights, headlamps, key chains, and lanterns.
9. Lunar Accents - http://www.lunaraccents.com
Custom LED lighting for your new product, designed by LED design professionals.
10. CustomLED - http://www.customled.com
Design and customize LED tail lights and tail light accessories.